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I Hate Everything About You, Chapter 3

Just a short but sweet update, I have upped the rating to M for this chapter for a certain scene at the end. There will only be a few more chapters probably, as this story started out as a oneshot originally. Any ideas are welcome. Hope you enjoy!

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I Hate Everything About You

Chapter 3


"Urahara, hey," said Ichigo, stood in the doorway of the shopkeepers building. He switched from foot to foot, leaning his weight on one and then the other impatiently.

"You here to train, Ichigo?" Urahara looked up from beneath his hat. "Renji is just doing some chores, but head on down to the training area and we'll get him."

Ururu bowed her head upon entering the small shop. Her grip was extremely firm around Renji's arm as he toppled in behind her. Her eyes were hidden beneath her long, ebony bangs. "I brought Mr Moocher here," she announced quietly.

Renji shrugged off the small girls grip, embarrassed more than annoyed that he was dragged around the shop like a rag doll. He frowned when he heard Urahara's light chuckle.

"Thank you Ururu and I think that's enough chores for today, Renji. How about you train Ichigo now?"

"Yo, Moocher." Ichigo grinned. He approached the annoyed soul reaper and was not surprised to receive a glare.

"I suppose I could spare a few hours to train with you… Strawberry," whispered Renji against Ichigo's ear, words spilling from his lips seductively.

Renji's warm breath sent a hot chill down the Strawberries spine and he resisted the urge to moan. He could distinctively remember how those lips had felt upon his own, how they were rough yet soft, warm and wet and oh, so, enticingly, pleasurable. Ichigo swallowed, licked dry lips and forced his legs to walk towards the entrance of the training area, for if he stayed near Renji any longer, their present company would have been witnesses to the horny soul reaper pinning Renji to a wall and promptly ravaging him. Those thoughts left a permanent pink tint to the stubborn soul reapers cheeks.

"Hmm…" The shopkeeper looked between the red headed moocher and the departing substitute with curious eyes.

"Spit it out, Urahara if you got something to say," snapped Renji.

Urahara was hiding a rather obvious, broad smile, behind his fan. "Why, I don't know what you mean, Renji. Go… have fun training… With Ichigo." The ex-captains eyes glinted mischievously and knowingly. He could be heard laughing behind his fan as he left.

Already out of his body and in his soul reaper form, Ichigo waited with his sword loosely by his side. He flexed his muscles and rolled his shoulders back with a pleasant crack of his spine.

"You're a bit eager," Renji commented. His lips twisted into a smile as he approached, causing the younger male to sigh and unconsciously step closer.

Ichigo knew he was strong enough to destroy hollows; he had not doubt in his skills, after all, he was not one to be nervous during battles, nor did he appear frightened in front of the enemy. But with Renji stood agonisingly against himself - this alone managed to cause Ichigo's heart rate to double, his breath to quicken, and in his stomach he could feel what only could be described as butterflies, fluttering warmly in the pit of his gut.

Their lips were inches apart, teasingly close and almost brushing as Ichigo spoke. "I thought… we were training?" asked Ichigo, breathless, that came out in harsh, hot puffs, which was made warmer because of the proximity of the other soul reaper.

"And, what makes you think we are not going to train?" Renji retorted. Words became a mere whisper as he lowered his mouth to the shorter males, nipping playfully on a soft, plump lip with sharp teeth and soothing it promptly with his tongue.

Ichigo forgot the basics of how to breathe and it wasn't until Renji pulled away with a smirk on his face, did he exhale slowly. The grinning soul reaper transformed out of his gigai and knocked Ichigo onto the floor, promptly causing him to be winded and gasped for breath.

"Bastard," Ichigo snarled, grip firm around the end of his sword which he used to push himself up to a standing position. He swiftly drove the tip of Zangetsu forwards, slashing Renji's gi as it swiped past.

"Not bad... But you have to do better than that if you want to attack the enemy." Renji leaped backwards, putting space between himself and Ichigo. "Roar, Zabimaru," he said with a ferocious smirk twisting his lips.

He swung the lengthened sword at the other male and connected with Ichigo's zanpakutō. They swung their swords back and forth, neither connecting as they both skilfully blocked or dodged the imminent attacks.

Ichigo gritted his teeth after an hour of training, his muscles ached but the grip around his sword was just as firm.

He smirked when he noticed an opening in Renji's attack and succeeded in blocking it with a counter attack of his own. Ichigo hooked his foot behind the red heads ankle, until Renji lost his balance and tumbled to the ground. The back of his head connected with the sand with an agonising thud.

"Oh shit! Renji," gasped Ichigo. He dropped his zanpakutō to kneel above the fallen warrior, legs either side of Renji's hips, whose eyes were closed firmly. Ichigo was too worried to notice the faint smile playing on Renji's lips, or that said persons hands had moved to grip Ichigo's waist tightly.

"You'll pay for that little stunt," Renji growled against Ichigo's neck. He bit down on the soft skin lightly, and enjoyed the soft moaning noises that came from the boy atop himself. He thrust his hips upward and rocked against Ichigo's lower half, a sudden spark of desire and lust consumed his whole being whilst he nipped and sucked the length of Ichigo's neck.

"F-fuck," moaned Ichigo, lips parted as he gasped and moaned. He bucked on top the firm body, meeting every upward thrust by pushing down, rubbing his hardened member to Renji's growing erection.

He groaned and turned his head to the side and nudged Renji's cheek with his chin, wanting access to the teasing lips which had driven him slowly insane. Ichigo's lips curled into a satisfied smile and then those same soft lips crushed against Renji's, who responded instantly. Tongue met tongue in a battle for dominance, hands brushed and searched underneath bothersome clothing, sending sparks of lust to pool in their groins. Renji groaned into his partner's mouth, his movements became needier, and he gripped tighter, bucked faster, harder, until neither could take the friction from the fabric that separated them any longer.

Renji stopped moving, and shifted up to look into lust filled chocolate eyes. He was hesitant. "We need to stop, Ichigo," he panted, although his actions denied his words as his fingers began to move up to play with the loose strands of hair at the nape of Ichigo's neck.

"Yeah." Ichigo moaned. His lips brushed Renji's cheek. The simple contact made him tremble with need and he flicked his hot tongue against Renji's earlobe. "Someone could walk in on us," he muttered as he nibbled on the lobe and teased it with a flick of his tongue.

Renji moaned in agreement. "So… we shall just… stop, then." He arched his back wanting more of those sinful caresses, and urged Ichigo to move his mouth lower until lips sucked on Renji's pulse point where shoulder met neck.

"Ahuh," groaned Ichigo, slowly kissing down Renji's neck, as Ichigo's fingers worked on loosening his gi to expose more skin. He lowered his lips to the hollow point in the base of Renji's throat, flicking his tongue out and twirling it in a downwards spiral until it met a hard nipple. He played with the bud in his mouth, his wet tongue swirling around it and Ichigo's erection grew more unbearable from the moaning sounds coming from Renji's mouth every time his tongue flicked over the sensitive nipple.

A firm hand grabbed Renji's wrist and pushed it in between their bodies, silently asking for some sort of release as he continued to abuse the nipple with his hot tongue. Ichigo groaned when the older Soul Reapers fingers brushed his cock, that twitched in anticipation and probed his hand expectantly.

At the same time, they heard the creaking sound of a door being opened, and they stilled, flushed, breath heavy and waited. Their eyes stared into each other's, alarmed, like a deer caught in headlights.

A familiar voice broke the silence. "I know you two are busy training, but Tessai has made lunch and if you want seconds moocher, you will have to be up here soon."

Renji growled at his usual nickname from the infuriating shopkeeper and gripped Ichigo tighter at the sound of the door being closed.

They were alone. Silence.

"Urgh," Ichigo grumbled, and pressed the palm of his hand down chapped lips. "That man is great at ruining the mood."

Renji's stomach bubbled and growled. "Or that is," Ichigo continued, with a disapproving look.

Renji shrugged and promptly pushed Ichigo off his lap, who landed with an undignified squeak.

"I hate you, idiot," Ichigo frowned and stood up, trying to readjust his aching member to hide it well enough behind his outfit.

"Hmm, why don't you show me how much you hate me, later on?" Renji whispered seductively. He leaned forward and brushed his lips against Ichigo's, who could feel, rather than see, the wolfish grin as he traced it with his tongue. The kiss was soft and gentle, almost apologetic. It didn't last long, but Ichigo's lips still tingled pleasantly, bruised and wet.

"Oh don't worry, I shall," murmured Ichigo, his eyes had a devious glint to the chocolate orbs. He smirked and thought, 'But I have a better idea.'

Oooh, what does Ichi have in store for Renji? Will they ever get to finish their make out sessions? Does Urahara know about them? Comment, and you may find out! Mwahaha! XD



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