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[ONE-SHOT] Hot Chocolate and Mistletoe

A/N: I wanted to write something fluffy, rather than angsty (like my current fics), thus this one shot was born! Let me know if I totally suck at writing fluff, and should go back to writing angst :p I'm not sure if Japan celebrates Christmas, but for the purposes of this fic, they do now! Also, as Renji is very old, (how old, I'm not sure) I presume he does not know how we celebrate Christmas today.

Italics = Renji writing his report, which I handily dated. I have not written the entire report, but it's not exactly necessary either.

Enjoy :)

Summary: Renji is sent to the world of the living to learn more about humans. Curious about Christmas, he partakes in the strange tradition. With help from Ichigo they discover something that could change their lives forever. Set during Christmas, Ren/Ichi, fluff, one-shot.

Hot Chocolate and Mistletoe





Tags: !fanfic, fic: hot chocolate and mistletoe

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