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A/N: I'm sorry for the lack of my existence and for not updating my other stories. However, *offers this story until I can get my ass into gear* It seems my laptop decided to play up and it has only just been fixed. Woe is me. Two months without it has been hard times indeed. BTW, I have not yet watched Shippuden *sigh* so this will probably be AU. And there may be a few points where they are OOC, but that is intentional.

Summary: Foolishly, Naruto accepts to be Sasuke's fake boyfriend. But for what purpose? Chaos can only ensue. Rated M for eventual yaoi. Warnings: Slight crack in the form of rabid fangirls, fluff, NaruSasu.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Naruto… But I do own Sasuke *Darts eyes about*

Warnings: Eventual yaoi, slight crack in the form of rabid fangirls, perhaps some grammatical errors due to my lack of sleep and lack of beta.

Love, The Hardest WayCollapse )


Tags: fandom: naruto, fic: love the hardest way

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