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Over The Hills And Far Away

Fanart | Fanfiction by mizzybox

Fan Art / Fanfics by mizzybox
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Fanart and Fanfiction (mostly yaoi) by mizzybox

box exposure
mizzybox | fanart/fanfic

Welcome to BOXEXPOSURE. A place where I shall post my fanfics and fanart. I created this separate journal, because I am very anal about being organised. Heh.

If you have stumbled upon this journal by mistake and you don't like yaoi (boyXboy) then I would not bother going any further. But, If you are a fan, and obviously want to be here, then go on in ahead.

| Comments / critique is greatly accepted. Flames are not. |

| I will most likely accept any request / suggestions / ideas / plot bunnies etc |

| All fan works are created by me,
Description: [info]mizzybox . However, I do not claim to own the original TV show / characters etc. |

Yo.... P.S. ~ Watch
Description: [info]boxexposure for updates.

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